Our Story

The story behind Lima Limes

Hello, welcome! My name is Irine and I'm the creator of the brand LimaLimes. 

I have two small children, and as any other parents, as they started to eat solids, I purchased kids-friendly bowls, plates, cutlery and drinking cups. My first choice was of course plastic dinnerware that would not easily break, and those with cartoon characters they like. 

It's only when my first son started school at Montessori, I was introduced to the concept of cartoon character-free products. This is to encourage children to grow their imagination and creativity, free from distraction or influence from external commercialised cartoon characters. 

Knowing that, I went and bought new plain coloured plastic dinnerware. But I hated how difficult it was to clean them and the effort it took to clean stain off them. Finally, a friend introduced me to bamboo dinnerware. And it was how LimaLimes started.

I decided to create LimaLimes so I can share with other parents that there is another option when buying kids dinnerware. Our products are kids-safe (unlike glass/porcelain), they are eco-friendly and as they are mainly made of natural materials, highly biodegradable. They are functional and designed to encourage eating independently. They are made to last with simplistic shapes and comforting pastel colours, so that unlike the cartoon characters, your kids won't outgrow them!

My children love using their LimaLimes bamboo dinnerware, and I hope your children will have fun exploring different foods with our bamboo dinnerware too!